Thursday, 3 June 2010

New release 1st June 2010

We had a release on Tuesday night where the main focus was improvements in the beta of the social features on the Project Overview aka the Project Wall.

Improvements to the beta of the new social features on the Project Overview

  • Graphical improvements, we have some buttons instead of just text links.

  • There are improvements of the notification, e.g. you get an e-mail when you are @referenced. Information from the conversations on the Project Overview are also included in the daily Activity Report.

  • @ referencing. If you use Facebook you will be familiar with this feature already. If you want to direct a post to a specific person you write @ followed by the start of the person's name. You will get up a list of the project members whose name start with those letters to choose from. See a film about it here:

  • #tags This is a standard feature in e.g. Twitter. Tagging your conversations makes it easy to follow and find relevant information. Clicking on a #tag will give you a list of all the posts containing that #tag. Here a film on how to use #tags to organise your information on the Project Overview.
If you haven't got the beta activated and would like to try, there's a link to activate it on the Project Overview. This link is there for administrators only. We welcome feedback on Projectplace Ideas.

Gravatar Support

To make it easier to upload an image to Projectplace, we now check if there's a Gravatar image for the email address and let you import that. Here's a film on how you use your Gravatar image in Projectplace.

Your picture will now also be visible in the Member tool.

Easier for new members

We have simplified the process for people invited to a project so there's now only one screen to fill in. This means that your invited project members will have an easier time creating a user account.

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