Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Projectplace Ideas a year later - 8% have status implemented

Today, I have closed some of the ideas and bugs that were implemented and fixed in last night's release. I realised that it's been approximately a year since we launched Projectplace Ideas. So here are some statistics

Total no of users: 21,637
Total no of contributions: 2,817 (votes, comments and ideas)
Total no of ideas: 625
Percent of ideas implemented: 8%

It's been a fun year. A lot of internal processes have had to be fine tuned and in some cases even reinvented. I feel confident that we will see a higher rate of ideas implemented next year.

I'm now looking forward to mid January, when we release a new version of Projectplace Ideas. It will look better but most importantly be easier to use and contain even more information for you.

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